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Husky Dogs Seized from Neglect Situation

We need your help to afford care expenses!

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We are Fundraising to Help the Huskies

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, we received a call from local authorities about a property in Adams County with over thirty Husky dogs living in squalid conditions, being forced to breed again and again to produce puppies. We immediately mobilized our Humane Agent and prepared kennels to house the incoming animals. What we know so far about the situation is that male and female Huskies were housed together at the property, so many of the females may currently be pregnant. Male and female animals as old as 10 years were being housed together in pairs, obviously expected to produce more puppies, even at this advanced age. We are working closely with county officials to find temporary placement for the large number of dogs. We need funds to help cover the veterinary expenses for the animals, which are in varying degrees of health. One animal had a badly broken front leg that healed improperly due to lack of medical care. Another dog will likely require surgery to remove a diseased eye. Your support is very appreciated! Thank you!